App Timeline


February 2019 Progress

We got the gym cleaned up to check the floor for flatness and got half the walls painted and worked on installing more casework and vanities. We also worked on the wood ceiling in the lobby and started flooring on 2nd floor. We finished flooring on the 2nd floor and got most of the 1st floor done. We also did our above ceiling inspection and installed all the ceiling tile on both floors and installed all the bathroom partitions. We painted the walls, installed new flooring and new ceilings in the hallway of the existing 1st floor and started installing..Read More

January 2019 Progress

We got a good portion of the gym painted, installed the window on the East end of the gym, and started hanging light fixtures. We also installed the wood and the mantels on both fireplaces. We worked on installing light fixtures and installing interior windows. We finished and turned over the 2nd area of remodeling inside the existing building. We worked on remodeling the 3rd portion of the existing building and also worked on installing the longboard siding on the exterior of the gym. This week we finished painting the gym ceiling and got all the lights hanging and lit..Read More


December 2018 Progress

We finished the remodel of the office area and the YMCA moved in all of their furniture and continued painting in area B of the new addition. We got the field-house enclosed this week and turned the permanent heat on. We also finished the running track and it is ready for concrete. We continued work on the 2nd phase of the existing building area B and we started to install light fixtures and bathroom fixtures. We also installed all of the gym equipment. We installed the door to the roof patio and started to install interior windows. The exterior signage is..Read More

November 2018 Progress

We finished the site concrete, continued painting the field-house, enclosed area B and started heating the building. We also continued hanging drywall and were taping the drywall in the existing building. The main stairs were installed by the lobby, and the fireplaces were installed. We also continued installing the running track in the field-house. We are just about done with the remodel portion of the office area in the existing building. We also started painting in area B of the new addition and finished the stone veneer on the fireplace and the wall at the main entrance. We also continued..Read More

October 2018 Progress

This month we started demo of the main entrance of the existing building. We also started hanging drywall in the new addition for phase #2. The field-house framing is almost complete and the new main entrance stone veneer is also complete. We worked on rough ins and hanging drywall in the existing building and got the gym floor prepped and ready to pour. We started installing windows on 2nd floor. This was also the last time for the crane! The curb and gutter have been installed in the parking lot. The floor has been poured for the field-house, the masonry..Read More

September 2018 Progress

We continued setting precast for the field house and finished the roof on area B. We continued to set the roof joints for the field house and finished the masonry veneer along the existing building on the roof. We started installing in-wall backing and interior window backing along with MEP rough-ins. Precast wall panels and roof joints for the field-house have been completed. Framing for the walls in the lobby and the addition of the floor to ceiling fireplace. All of the MEP rough-ins have been completed on the first floor and continued work on the masonry veneer.

August 2018 Progress

This week we finished the masonry firewall on 2nd floor.  We also started setting structural steel for the roof. The hill that was the old parking lot is now gone and we were able to finish digging out the pond. We continued the underground plumbing inside the new addition. Precast wall panels have been started as well as prepping the precast floor plank to pour the topping, and also started the metal decking for the roof. Most of the parking lot has been graded and work on the framing and sheathing of the exterior walls and soffits.

July 2018 Progress

We have started setting structural steel in area B, We also finished excavating for the field house and worked on foundations for the field house. We also finished setting precast for 2nd floor area B, and started the masonry firewall on 2nd floor and also started underground rough ins on 1st floor.

June 2018 Progress

The past few weeks were crazy busy, but we were able to get occupancy this week and the YMCA can start using the space. We also moved all of their equipment from the fitness center down to the gym so we can start interior demo for phase #2.The parking lot was also finished.the YMCA started using the 2nd floor of the new addition as well as starting to use the new parking lot and entrance. We fenced off the upper parking lot and started demo of the old fitness center. We got the excavation dug for area B and started pouring..Read More

Phase 2 Construction Scheduled

Phase 2 of the Marshfield Clinic Health System YMCA is tentatively scheduled to begin in June 2018. Phase 2 will include removing the current Fitness Center and building the Healthy Living Center, followed by the Roehl Family Fieldhouse, along with renovations.

May 2018 Progress

This month most of the flooring and ceiling tile were installed on 1st floor and kitchen equipment started to get installed. Most of the flooring and finishes were installed on 2nd floor. We also continued with the longboard on the South side and started to install the retaining wall block. We started to add some color to the building and the 1st floor is starting to look more like a finished building. We also fired up the roof top units this week and we are now able to condition the space. We started to hang doors this week and install the hardware and finished painting and the flooring in..Read More

April 2018 Progress

We installed bathroom fixtures and drinking fountains, and continued ceramic tile in the bathrooms on 2nd floor.  We also installed light fixtures, got permanent lighting turned on, and continued to install casework and ceiling grid. This month we continued to paint 2nd floor and install bathroom fixtures 2nd floor. We started to install the carpet on 1st floor and also installed the interior windows and bathroom accessories. We also started to install casework on 2nd floor.

March 2018 Progress

We continued to hang drywall on 1st floor and started to tape and finish the joints and also started to hang drywall on 2nd floor and install electrical equipment in the mechanical room. We started the cavity wall insulation on the North side, worked on framing the window bump out on the south side, all the windows for 1st floor and half the windows for 2nd floor are installed and we finished the air and vapor barrier. We continued ceiling grid and casework on 1st floor.  All of the MEP rough ins are complete and we started to install finishes.  We also energized some of the new..Read More

February 2018 Progress

This month we got the entire building enclosed. We are almost done framing walls on 1st floor and have a lot of the mechanicals roughed in. We worked on installing the stairs at the main entrance of the addition and also started installing the roof this week. We were given the go ahead to start hanging drywall after a walkthrough from the city inspector. The walls are all framed on 2nd floor and we started installing mechanical systems. We also finished the roof this week and are now water tight. We poured the concrete for the stairs at the main entrance and they are now ready for use...Read More

January 2018 Progress

This month we were able to get most of the exterior studs up on 1st floor and start the exterior sheathing. We also worked on the roof framing and got the sheathing done on the North side and started to install the air and vapor barrier. We also got a lot of the interior walls framed on 1st floor and started some of the mechanical rough ins. The 2nd floor is also taking shape.  We got all of the roof decking installed.


December 2017 Progress

The masons finished the stair shaft and took all of their scaffold down, we also worked on getting the new parking lot graded before everything freezes. We were able to get half of the slab on grade poured this week with the warmer weather. We also have a warm place to work now when the weather gets cold.

November 2017 Progress

We finished the elevator shaft the week of November 18th, we also started the stair shaft on the West side and got a lot of the underground plumbing installed. The site was staked out this week and we will start prepping for the new parking lot.

Phase 1 Construction Begins

Miron Construction begins construction of the Everett & Dolores Roehl Youth Center, which will house YMCA child care services, The Marshfield Alternative High School, the Marshfield Clinic Youth Net program, and the Wood County Head Start program. Completion of the Youth Center is scheduled for July 2018.

Groundbreaking Ceremony

August 23rd, 2017 at noon, Officials at the Marshfield Area YMCA, alongside community leaders, volunteers, donors, partners and invited guests, officially broke ground on the expansion and renovation of the Marshfield Clinic Health System YMCA.

Capital Campaign Kick-off

Official kick-off of the public phase of the capital campaign to raise $1 million towards the $10 million fundraising goal.

School District Partnership

The Marshfield School District makes decision to partner with the YMCA to relocate the Alternative High School. The Wood County Head Start program makes decision to partner with the YMCA to move their current 3-4 year old program and add the birth-3 year old program.


Builder Selected

The Marshfield Clinic Health System YMCA selects Miron Construction as the construction manager.

Architect Selected

The Marshfield Clinic Health System YMCA selects Kahler Slater as the architect for the capital campaign expansion and renovation project.

Partnership Announced

The Marshfield Area YMCA and Marshfield Clinic Health System announce partnership that will help transform the way prevention-based health, wellness and family-service programs are delivered to Marshfield and area communities. Through this partnership, the facility will be renamed the Marshfield Clinic Health System YMCA.


Project Approved

The Marshfield Area YMCA Board approves the capital campaign project to raise $10 million to expand and renovate the YMCA.